Thursday, 15 November 2007

A Big Thank You To YOU Mummy

Last night I asked my mummy if she could do me a page of my own. She said yes but with one condition I have to go for a bath without her assisting me. I did as I am a big girl and I dont actually need my mummy with me in the bath all the time. I can run the tap and even I did a perfect bath with a little bit of hot water and cold water. I was really having a good time in my bath. But when I was done my mummy said that she have to finish my page in the morning so I could see it before going to school. I was so anxious and was even thinking about it until I fall asleep. And look at his now? How wonderful my new page. Here I can write anything at all. I can know how to used computer and I know how to type too. So every now and then every after my school I can do write what I done in my school.

Anyway to my Mummy, you are the best mummy in the whole world. Thank for making this page beautiful. I will keep this until I grow up. This will serve as my daily journal.

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