Monday, 26 November 2007

Missed Mufti Day Again

Today was Mufti Day, but unfortunately Mummy forget about it. Daddy was suffering stomach and back pain therefore he was asking mummy to send me to school this morning and as disorganised as Mummy who didn't prefer any of my school stuff because she was busy of her bloggy. What she didn't realised that it was Mufti day and I supposed to be wearing civilians and donate anything sweets for our school charity. Instead I was in my uniform, the only one in the class once again whom missed Mufti twice in a row, grrrrr. How I wish my Mummy can be organised too.


PrincessL said...

I'm so sorry to hear happened to me sometimes too Kath, on a wear green day, I was wearing red, I got pinch in school couple times for that. On PE days instead of tennis shoes I'm wearing dress shoes or boots, and I always get punish for that or minus in my grades... My mommy tends to forget a lot and often gets confused and not as organized as she used to be. It drives me crazy sometimes... Shhhhh... that's also my secret!!!

PrincessL said...

sorry to hear about your dad too, I hope he feels better soon.

Fella said...

awwww poor little baby girl. sorry to hear that! i hope that woudn't happen again next time. smile!
Take care and have a nice day
Tita daff