Friday, 14 December 2007

All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

This is another year for me to have fun with my family. This christmas we are going to celebrate it in my Granparennts house. Here I am writing a letter to you and my list of wishes for Christmas stocking.

Please can I have the followings;
-2 tennis racket
-tennis ball
-story books
-new shoes
-splashy the wheel game
-hair twister
-knee socks
-hair clips

This is all I want for christmas dear Santa and I look forward to it please, please!
Thank you!!!!!

1 comment:

PrincessL said...

Cool Christmas list, I had my Christmas wishlist entry the other time but wasn't able to finished typing, I run out of time, just finished it today....Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family...

Take care,