Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Grandpa's Christmas Party

On Sunday we went to Grandpa and Grandma's house in Amberly (45 minutes drive away from us). It was a great day and a blast one. Me and my cousin got to see each other and play whole day. Too many visitors and mummy drag us to the room where Grandpa has his Christmas tree. We take pictures there and some photos are taken in grandpa's other rooms. Granpad had this huge house 3 storey house and loads of big bedrooms where we can run aroung and play without disturbing the guest. It wasn't that many kids around only about 10 in all and most of them are boys, only me and my cousin Polly are the girls. Grandpa and Grandma thought I look smart on my outfit and grandma took so many pictures of me but not as many as my Mummy, hehehehe.

I was supposed to be a little helper of Grandpa but instead I end up being a little princess for I didn't do anything apart from playing with my cousins. I get too excited, I seldom see them so I took the opporunity to spend time and play till my heart content.

But before anything else I wanna share a wonderful pictures that is taken by my Mummy with our Daddy in it and followed are my solo's....


Utah Mommy said...

Asa man ang isa ka shoes ni Kath Haze nawala man hehehehe ang imo pong bugoy ba liwata naman gyud sa amahan woi perting pagka kopyaha sa nawong. Dali ra kaayo sila managko Haze noh tan awa si Christian sus murag kanyahay lang to gianak pa nimo kita ko sa friendster karon wa na dako na pwede na mangulitawo hehehehe

PrincessL said...

Hello my cutie cutie little friend, I love your elegant dress. You look so gorgeous and smart indeed! That's the most beautiful holiday dress I've ever seen.

You reminded me of my favorite princess Cinderella. You're like the modern cinderella, it's almost the same style, but in red. And the funniest thing is you even lost a shoe too. Hahaha you really make me laugh, it's so cute. I love the rumor you put into it, you definetly have a style.

Take care always and have a blessed weekend with your beautiful family.