Sunday, 30 December 2007

Making Banana Shake

Yesterday I made some banana shake, I asked Mummy if I can do it myself since I been observing and confident that I can make it. Mummy didn't hesitate to let me try and she also believed that I can do banana milkshake. I peeled about 4 banana (big ones) and then I mixed it with pineapple and mango ice cream. I poured the milk then shaked it and its done. Simple as that and it taste just as good. Mummy was so porud of me and of course she wouldn't want to miss out the opportunity of capturing the special moment. This is all the pics she took. My next entry might be about my christmas presents.

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PrincessL said...

Wow Kath, you look so proud and confident enough for mommy to trust you making the banana milk shake, that's awesome. I should try that sometime... It's been a long while since mommy made us banana and strawberry shake. I helped washed the fruits, put them inside, and get ice cubes but mom did everything else.... You actually look more confident than when mommy make it. Hehehehe that's a secret.

Thank's for your comments Kath, wish we could hang out in person,that would be cool to hang out with lil ballerinas just like me and my best friend Evelyn sometimes.

By the way I am sick, I might have to see a doctor tomorrow if I get worst. Just came to visit you cause I always love and enjoy reading your post esp. the cute pictures.

Have a wonderful New Year with your awesome family Kath.

Lisa and family