Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Mummy's little top Model

Is it obvious that mummy is a desperate model? Her dream was to become world's top model but because of her height which is only as short as 5'2 he dreams will never come true. She is hoping that I might grow a little taller than her so I can be a model one day. But to be honest I dont fancy becoming a model, because I want to be known for my intellectual capabilities rather than physical, lol. But if I can have both would be great though. Anyway my mummy may be as gorgeous as me but she ain't that tall enough to become top model, lol. Daddy often teased her or call her stumpy bum and that will pissed mummy off. Anyway I did an online test which a guess height when I reach my 18th b-day and according to the website Im going to be as tall as 5'7 or 5'8. Hopefull its true or esle it will disappoint mummy if I'll be as short as her, hehehehe.

Anway couple weeks ago I was dressed up with this blue dress I had a year ago when me and my little brother's was christened. This was my dress during that special day and I forget all about it until I look at my cupboard I saw it and remember that I had it so I quickly tried it on since it was too big fo me a year ago because my mummy always buy a bigger size clothing for us. And not it fits me really well and I love it. So there mummy was also busy flashing and I posed as her little top model too.

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Anna said...

wow she so pretty dai haze, top model gyud ni siya inig kadako ba, gwapa gyud sa imoha anak ba io...Thanks for sharing dai haze..