Tuesday, 18 December 2007

My 1st Scrapping

This is my first scrapping layout I made on the other night. I am so lucky that after so long begging Mummy if I can design my own picture. Now its here and its a lot simplier that mummy's layout but I like it this way because its neat and easy to make. I been bugging mummy if I can have a try doing scrapping and finally she said yes and let me do it myself. I only asked her guidance but I've done most of it especiallyt he ribbons which I think its in the right place. Mummy insisted not to put 2 ribbons but I like two so she let me do my way.

Here's how serious I was doing my first layout.......

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PrincessL said...

WOW, you are so talented, you did a great job with your first scrapbook. I've always convince mom so many times about it too, but the answer is always no. She said I already spend so much time playing games, and on my blog. I do traditional scrabooking sometimes, its fun too.