Tuesday, 11 December 2007

My 6th B-day

Last month I just turned 6 yrs old and I never wish for anything expensive yet not just yet maybe when I am little bit bigger about 12 or 13 so I warned mummy and Daddy to set aside some cash for me when time comes, lol. Anyway all I wish is a princess Jasmine outfit and everything about her. Mummy and Daddy granted my wish, they bought me even more and I was so happy. Daddy even said that why can't we all be a kid where you can just be happy for every simple thing you recieved, life of a kid is just as simple and there comes adulthood when you have to deal with many things but Daddy said he would not swap us for the world.

Furthermore, I receive so many gifts from my family which includes my grandparents. My Lolo and Lola send their love which money can't buy. I so missed them you know, that is why I can't wait to go to philippines next year. My birthday was a real blast. I celebrated it separately with families and with friends.

I was truly a princess on my birthday and I am going to say thank you to my Daddy and Mummy for being there all the time not only for buying me all the good stuff's but also their unconditional love to me and to my little brother of course who can be major pain in the bum sometimes but he still adores me and love as much as I loved him. God, you are Good, for giving me family. I am trully blessed indeed!

Here's some photo to share.....Enjoy

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PrincessL said...

Hello pretty princess....Cool birthday party. I love your outfit and your crwon, wow, dream came true for you. I have always loved princess Jasmine too, but never have her outfit, mommy said maybe if we get to go to Disneyland, but don't know when, I might be too big by then...They said we don't have the money to go there yet.
Thanks for sharing your photos, you and your friends look beautiful on your birthday.