Thursday, 13 December 2007

New Haircut

I asked Mummy if I could have a new haircut since my french was growing and often covered my eyes. Mummy trimmed it down as well as styled and gave it a length. Isn't my Mummy a multi-talented woman? Yeah, she always does our haircut and even sometimes do my polish and her polish too. This is what I always got as an indulgence with my Mummy having a girly time together apart from shopping. We have days that we just stay in my room and polished our nails, curls our hair, twist and swirl or make some custome jewelry but often Christian come in and destroyed our finished product. Anyway I love my new hair-cut and I can see better now.

1 comment:

PrincessL said...

Love the new haircut...looks very good on you. Your mommy sure has a lot of cut our hair too, including daddys' even if he don't have that much hair...hehehehe secret.

Isn't that funny how we look different everytime we got a new haircut?