Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Simple Day out

On Saturday me and my family had a blast malling although we hadn't see Santa for it was a long queue and Mummy cannot stand in the crowd too. So we might go back there if time permits. On Saturday we just enjoyed shopping, Daddy bought my little helpers outfi for Grandpa's party which I will share the pics in my next post.

Before we went out on Saturday Me and Mummy finally put up our candy cane on our tree. It was my idea to buy candy cane and Daddy thought it was a great idea for a little girl like me. We keep it for a while because if we put it up early it would have been gone early too because my little brother can't resist the temptation to pick what is hanging on our tree, lol.

On our way out to carparking after a long day of strolling around in the mall. Me, Mummy and my Lil brother are striking a pose for Daddy before heading home. Daddy thought of those cute sparkling snowflakes behind would be a good background.

Here me and my little brother watching the artificial aquarium. Daddy and Mummy is thinking to buy us one but only if we are goodgirl and goodboy. But not an artificial because we like a real fish in it that we can feed and look after everyday.

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PrincessL said...

Whatta great family time... I love going to the malls to and shopping with mom and dad. I love all the decorations they put for Christmas, it makes me feel happy.

It would be cool to have and acquarim, I always wanted to have a pet fish but mom said my brothers are still too small, they usaually get into my stuff, they might break the glass.

That's smart of you to think about putting the candy canes late. We put ours a little too early, my sneaky brothers already eat some of them. Only the ones they can't reach are left.

Your family really know how to have fun all the time.