Thursday, 3 January 2008

Main Presents

This is what I got from Mummy and Daddy on Christmas day, a laptop. I so loved it very much and can't get enough of the games. I can play logic, Math, Memories, Language and many more. Math and Word Anagram can be quite tricky even for Mummy and Auntie Amanda. They try played at it and they got 4 out of 10, imagine that? Auntie Amanda got 3 degree and when it comes to word anagram she ain't that clever, I tell you, lol. Shh this must remain secrets, ok. Well its very difficult so I must practice with in. About Math yeah, its also tricky I only knows how to add, subtract and multiply but I dont know devision yet. I am only 6 yrs old and who would expect to know division at 6 yrs old? Unless you are extra-smart or super bright, I never know such little kid exist though, do you? Maybe I only dont know, hehehehe.

These are some of my presents and I got my tennis racket wish too. But its not on the picture because it is my Granny and Grandad who gave it to me. The other half of the family, hehehe. Daddy parents are divorced so all in all I got 4 grandparents here in England. It means I got more presents every christmas, birthdays and Easter.


Unknown said...

i love that laptop's as cute as you!


PrincessL said...

I love your pink laptop too. I had one last year, Christmas 2006. I love playing games with it. Yes it does help a lot, logic, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, memory, Math, etc. I usually take my laptop on long trips and sometimes at the park. I can see you're having fun with it already and the best thing is you get smarter each time you play.

Have a fun week ahead my sweet friend and thanks for sharing your presents with me. How I wish could play with you someday....