Thursday, 3 January 2008

Ring and Shopping

Today we went shopping I met a boy about my age and we talk while mummy was busy choosing clothes for me and my little brother. The boy's name is Alexander and he was so cute and he told I am beautiful which makes me so flattered. He gave me this blue sapphire ring that he got from his magazine and it was so sweet of him as a sign of our first friendship. He only live yard away from us and his mummy and my mummy was talking too. Isn't the ring cute?

Anyway, this is what I got from my mummy in today' shopping spree. It supposedly mummy's pre-birthday shopping and look because she is the world greatest mummy she even buys me loads of stuff. Well she knew that I need some new trousers for I seems to grown out most of it. I got a new paid of boots too and a pink gloves. Thanks to my Mummy and Daddy too.

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PrincessL said...

Wow love your friendship ring, that is sooooo cool. So sweet of your new friend to do that... looks like you're having a great time shopping with mummy. Nice new outfit and boots. Looks like it would fit me too, can I borrow one Kath? hehehehe.