Friday, 15 February 2008

Mixed-up Topic

Hello to all the avid fans of Princess K, how are you all doing? Anyway, my topic for tonight is about the importance of pagerank. This blog has got PR3 and mummy is so tempted to make money out of it but I told her no for its about my personal life as a beautiful little princess. Glad mummy resisted the temptation or Daddy will tell her off. I love my blog you know and everyday I have a look at it and the more I love this blog. I even keep nagged mummy to keep this rainbow colour for its my favourite layout ever. It sure fits my personality too.

Anyway, on wednesday was the last day of the school which means another week of holiday for me and my friends. We got no school its a week school break which I think its very generous of my school to give us this long break. Imagine a week and a bit whereas other school only have few days break. Mind you, I will have another 2 weeks off by next month for its an Easter holiday. I dont know where we gonna spend it though, I guess its gonna be with my grandparents or maybe with great grandmother.

Today was a little busy and long day for Princess. I attended my friend's 6th birthday and it was a blast day for us, we enjoyed it. I got too many pics to share but I am waiting for Mummy to upload it, she is kinda too slow for that because she has many things that had to be in priority first. Im sure I will share soon as she's done downloading them.

Perhaps, I could share my new bedroom looks.....My parents decided to change the look of my bedroom since we have not move yet. Daddy buys all of this as I am his only Princess. I am glad I've got the best, the kindest, the most loving Daddy in the world. He is amazing Dad who is always look after me since I was only a little baby.

Here's my new bedroom, I so loved it!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

yes, your bedroom is very cute....and you know what?

very clean and in order.....mach weiter zu, ok?

jennyr said...

wow, ang pretty naman ng room mo! u did a great job! keep it clean to please ur mommy always!hehehe!