Saturday, 16 February 2008

One fine Sunday in Amberly Wysh

Just got back from attending party of my other friends 6th birthday 3 hours ago and took a nap straight away for I am exhausted of partying for 2 days. Now I am wide awake again and Mummy asked me if I would like to share the pics from the last week's fun @ my Grandparents house in Amberly. I was playing all day in Grandpa and Grandma's garden building eayores house, picking flowers and taking photos with my Mum and little Brother while our Daddy was busy helping Grandpa clearing out the garages. Grandma was also busy preparing our food so Mummy took us in the Garden to have some fun and enjoy the beautiful day. Here's some of my picture that Mummy took.

Britain's Supermodel!

Daddy and Mummy's little poser!

I can be snob, you know?

Flaminggo stand alike.

Mummy insisted to take picture of me but I look away for the Sun caused me sore eyes and I can't look straight to it.

The other side of Grandpa and Grandma's garden where the apple trees are.

I love the sweet smell of snowdrops.

Another shot from the rockyland garden of Grandpa and Grandma.

The back left of Grandpa and Grandma's garden.

Often I play this game about builing eayores house.

Stolen shot of me while busy picking snow drops and primrose at the front yard of my grandparents house.


kookie said...

hello princessk thx for dropping my little place, i truly beleived u will grow up beautiful just like ur mother, mean it, love ur attitude keep it up muah ...tita kookie.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello princess K, yes, as what tante kookie says, I may say,too.
keep it up, ok?

and of course be the mommy very friendly and good mom.....

thank you very much for your visit, ok?

I am really, happy....