Friday, 29 February 2008

Mother's day Concert 2

This is just a very quick update for tonight as I am very tired for my whole day of school. Today, was really a fun day for me, you know why? Because I had a great time singing in our mother's day concert and made my Mummy proud. Its all about how greatful we are to our mothers who are always there for good times and in bad, for tears and for happiness whom looked after us since the day we were born. We just simply dedicated our concert today especially to our mother. I can see Mummy's smile who light up the whole room while she is looking and staring at me singing the song that Mum is one of a million.

After our concert the parents/ mother went home and on the afternoon we spent our time baking biscuits and made a paper bag to wrap it with. Then, we have to give to our Mummy when we get home. Daddy is the one who picked me this afternoon then we headed straight to picked Mummy from her work and soon as she step into our car I handed my advance mother's day present and she loved it. I will share some of the photos that Mummy took during our concert. Anyway, about the birthday photos, I am so sorry for I take a while to upload it I might done it tomorrow and sure will post it here in my blog.

So for now, I say TFIG and have a great weekend ahead! Goodnight!

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PrincessL said...

How sweet of you princess KK, I'm sure mommy was very proud and happy.