Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I am exactly what my Parents Dream To be

When I was concieved, Mummy told me she always look at Thalia's Photo everyday because she wanted me to have a round face like her, a round big eyes with a curly lashes, and curly hair and everything Thalia has. So, mum got pretty much she wanted apart from the body because I turn up to be a little chubby. But, I guess its because I am still growing and I will be slimmer later on, I hope.

I usually get compliments with my beautiful natural curly or wavy hair, my lips, my big round eyes and cheeks. When I had my first hair cut in Maanyag Parlour in Ayala mall, the guy who cut my hair was all telling mummy how beautiful I am. He saids I looks like a mexican actress. The second time around I had my hair cut done was in Saloon de Rose in Ayala too and the woman who did my hair was telling Mummy once again how lucky she is to have a beautiful daughter like me. She love my very curly long lashes, my nose as well my legs. She was all very complimentary to me and that made Mummy really proud.

Mummy never dream of having a very white baby, instead she dreamt to have what I've got a naturally tanned. Daddy is very proud of my Colour and always wanted that the next baby will get the same colour as me. Daddy adores my skin colour, she often said that I am lucky for I won't be needing any tanning spray and all that sort of crap and pays fortune.

Another thing that I am so thankful about is here in England everywhere I go, I always get loads of compliments, this is true. I remembered when I just got here, there was this 2 lady in the shop who were looking at me and all smiley and when I got closer, this one lady had say that I am soo gorgeous and that when she was young, she dreamt to have a dark hair, tanned complexion and beautiful brown eyes like me. But she is all blonde and very white, hehehe.

The same as my grandparents (my daddy's parents), they also dreamt (especially my Grandpa) to have a daughter like me. Daddy told me this hundred times and guess what I am their favourite after all because I am what they dreamt for, a dark haired, brown complexion, big brown eyes grandaughter they can ever have. They love me so much and never in my entire life I can find a grandparents who are as nice as them. I am just so lucky!

Anyway, this has been the longest post I have ever made so I better stop here before you guys get bored of reading it. But this is just my online diary where I am able to write whatever I want to write and serve as my keepsake so when I grew up I have something to look back and read.

Here's some photo of the beautiful princess...........

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HartofDixie said...

Pang model gyud ang dating Haze. Very pretty girl!
Abi nako kinsa ang mihapit didto sa blog.
Thanks sa pag visit pod!