Saturday, 29 March 2008

Ballet Practise at Home

On thursday I had my ballet show at school but first I have to show you this photos the night before when I was seriously practising at home with my parents as my judge, lol. I was having a good time showing my parents how I can gracefully perform. I maybe chubby but sure not a hinders for me to become a good ballerina one day.

My parents had a great time watching my home ballet show and was giving me loads of applaused, hugs and kiss afterwards. They think I have the potential to be one of the great ballerina someday. I know Mummy is a little perfectionist but she can't help herself to appreciate every time I perform. I am such a good performer if my laziness would not strike at me, lol.

Later will share the photos that Mummy took during our ballet show at school. Though its not that many because Mummy was a little embarrassed to other parents as she was the only one who brought a camera with her. She is just so proud of me and wanted to show me to the whole world.


Carlota said...

she's so cute. i'm sure she will be a ballerina someday.

PrincessL said...

I love the show princess, I'm sure everyone will love it too, esp. mom and dad, one of our greatest fans in the world. Wish we could hang out someday dancing ballet together, that would be fun, don't you think. Just danced ballet at home the other night with my best friend, we had fun too.

I know what you mean about taking pics, mom don't take too much pictures when we are with other people too, esp. she doesn't really know them. Our Easter Egghunting at church, mommy didn't even take pictures anymore, she just took pictures at home. I'm excited to see your Easter pics, got to share mine too.

Take care princess and have fun back at school, I'll be back to school tomorrow, I miss everyone in school already.

theblogger said...

hi haze you have been tagged twice in my home - :)

Arlene said...

wow! very nice! cool photos here!