Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bath Time

I love my Mummy to bits and one great attitude my Mum has is, she is very playful.

Hence, the princess love the water so much and I can't live a day or night without having a wash, shower or a bath. Most of the time I wash myself since everything I need are their in our shower room.

But twice a week Mum and my little brother had a bath time with me and we play bubbles, I spy, pretend snow and etc. Sometimes we forget that we stayed in the bath for hours, we just loved it especially when Mummy is with me. I enjoy my Mum's company and there is no boring days with her. She enjoys playing with me too and that she enjoys talking to me and having fun together.

Anyhow, she has her moment and that she gets angry with me and scold me but only when I am naughty but that is fair enough as she don't want me to grow-up like a spoilt brat. I am just so lucky to have a parents who is so kind, loving and desciplinarian.

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PrincessL said...

hello beautiful princess, love these photos of you, mommy and lil prince in the bath tub. It's sure bubbles of fun. I used to take bubble bath with my lil brothers, but not anymore since when I was 7 years old. But I still do with my mom only once a week during sleepover nights. Maybe next time, I'll share some photos too.