Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Cut-off at 1:30 PM Today

Hello! How's everyone? Hope you all are well and that you may all enjoy your friday. I wish you will find my entries here interesting because I really try my best to write then mummy publish it after some few corrections but in no time I'll be the one to correct her poor grammar, lol.

Anyway, princess is up early today as usual get ready for my school. Daddy send me today and hopefully will pick me as well. Since I hate walking all the way home. It's not my thing to walk that long, yeah princess is not used to it, hehehehe.

Today, we will be finishing school at 1:30 pm since our teachers are going to have meeting so, I am very excited to have the whole afternoon at home with family. I can watch my favourite programs and can draw pictures. Mummy will be off to work soon and will see her a little bit later when she finished.

I hope by the weekends we will go somewhere to have fun and enjoy the rest of the week. Mummy will be working tomorrow though so it might just me, daddy and little brother. But on Sunday, we definitely go out and do something fun because Mummy will then be home and not going to work since she said "NO" to her boss for Sunday OT.

It's nice to have a family bonding every weekend to spice up our life. God has been so good to give me this wonderful family. I thanked HIM a lot!

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend and that you and your family will stay healthy!


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PrincessL said...

I miss you too my beautiful friend. Sorry I've been very lazy lately, I've been playing fun games and learning games in the computer insted. And do lots and lots of puzzle pieces. I'll try my best to be good this week and make a few updates, my cousins and other friends, are all waiting for it too.

Have fun and happy Sunday to you and family.