Tuesday, 11 March 2008

My Dramatic Pose!

This is so dramatic pose of me, the little princess of the cheesley's household. It was a fine day last couple weeks ago where Daddy and Mummy was clearing out all the rubbish in our car and while I was playing with my scooter, Mummy suddenly called me in and asking if I could pose for her as she was playing with her camera. He took loads of photos of me and my little brother too but this is the best picture that comes out so well and mummy love most. As a princess I always listen to what my queen mother told me to do the end of the day she is our boss even Daddy's power is no longer working for Mummy, lol.

I guess, mummy is right this photo of me so special and something that people can see if they look at my face and every single details of it they will find out how truly beautiful princess I am. People tend to love my beautiful brown eyes, curly lashes, my lovely pair of cheeks and perfect beautiful pouty lips. Truly a beautiful princess!


Fella said...

Hi little kk, thanks a lot for your comments that u leave in my blog. we really appreciated it.
wow very nice picture of u with ur family as always. u are so adorable, i love the way you pose. take care always . give my regards to your sexy mummy heheh. babye!

mjsterling said...

Howdy little princess, your so cute and very adorable..your parents are surely bless to have you in their life. great photo KK keep it up little princess.mwaaah

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi kk´s,
thank you very much for the visit and the greeting for sascha ha?

i really happy that you pass by and greet him.

how cute you are!!!!!!!
like your mom.

take care and regards

i will add your site ha?....

PrincessL said...

Wow PrincessK, I really love your dramatic pose. You're a good actress and a great model. Mom said modeling is like acting without saying a word. You did it really well, love that thick curly eyelashes too, and that perfectly beautiful face. Keep it coming princess, I really enjoy your photos and I'm a fan too.

Thanks also for comments on my blog.