Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Old Photos of Me (Princess)

A random photos of me when I was 3 and 4 yrs old. It was just great to have something to look back as a child and as a sort of remembrance of those good old days. Now, I consider myself a grown up Princess who loves girly stuff already especially Princesses, Bratz, Disneys and Barbies. Mummy and Daddy felt a little saddened of how time really flies so fast. Anyway, I was really lucky to have all those four years of my own as a single child of my parents. I had those times where I was really spoilt (I am still a spoiled princess now) but seems there are things I have to consider sharing with my own little brother. Anyway, here are some photos of me couple years ago.

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PrincessL said...

Love your old photos beauty cutie princess, those big apple cheeks, thick eyelashes, and red pouty lips are just perfect. I really enjoyed looking at your old photos, it's funny to think how much we've grown in couple years. And we always look a lil more different but more beautiful each year, isn't it?