Friday, 7 March 2008

A Parents Love!

Me and my Mummy often love taking pictures at each others. This the advantage of having a similar likes as a daughter and mother. We both have the same temper, the same attitured, both sensitive and both beautifuls. I love my Mum to bits and she loves me too. Since when I was just a little baby, she always told me how I was being loved by her and care by her too. She provides everything I need but not when it comes to desciplining me for she trusted that specific task to my Daddy. Daddy's love for me is unconditional and I am so proud and lucky of having a daddy like him. I was a little spoiled by my parents but not to the extent that I lose my respect to them. For me, they are simply the best parents in the world for they gave me not only material things in this world but also the love that no one can gave it to me. Parents love is truly unconditional.

A studio pic of me, my Mummy and my Daddy during my 3rd b-day.

During my first brithday with Daddy

Me and Daddy when I was only 2 yrs old

Me and Mummy

I was 1 and a half on this photo at SM mall with Daddy

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PrincessL said...

Lovely photos of a Royal Family. A handsome King, the beauty queen mom, and adorable lil princess I love how you put together pictures since when you was one year old. You are more beautiful each year.