Monday, 3 March 2008

Princess in the Party

It was 2 weeks ago when my friends Princess Milligail celebrated her 6th birthday. Her Mum and Dad made her day super special because for them she is the most precious babygirl in the world. Ain't all the parents think the same? Just like my parents, they always say to me that I am the most beautiful princess in the whole world. A parent's love is truly unconditional and unmeasurable.

Anyway, in the party I enjoyed eating the food especially the filipino style spaghetti. The celebrant wore her finest princess dress in her cupboard. Truly she is beautiful just like me. She is sure one of the finest young lady in town. She is also a good singer and was developing her vocal from the most popular music school called "Center for Pop Music" in Manila.

So, here's some photo during the party....we all had a blast! It was sure a lovely day for us all princesses.

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PrincessL said...

You both look gorgeous princesses. The foods look yummy. Lumpia is my favorite. Wish I was there to join the fun.

Take care my friend, thanks for stopping by.