Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Princess is Busy

I am so sorry guys for not being able to keep up this blog of mine. Just as you know that since Easter is coming or any holiday the princess tends to get busy too. This week I will be practising a lot because its our last day of Ballet and we will perform to our parents, so I am kinda excited for that. Easter Sunday we will be going to my grandparents and go to church with them then do an Egg Hunting with my family.

Anyway, I just leave you guys with these beautiful scrapping of my Mummy. Enjoy guys and have a blessed Easter! Will be sharing photos for sure.

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PrincessL said...

Your mom did a wonderful job with her scrapbooks. It shows lots of love and careful thought. And you are one ever gorgeous princess. Can't wait to see more photos of you having fun with family again especially your ballet show for mom and dad. Keep up the great work my precious friend.