Monday, 24 March 2008

Unconditional Love of my Parents

I maybe a princess in my own little world and to my Mum and Dad but I am also a good friend, a good sister to my only brother and a good daughter. I love my parents and in return for their love I grow up learning how to behave well not only in the school but as well as in our friends house. Most of my parents friends adores like they never seen such a fine and beautiful lady like me before.

Oh seems that my beauty is so rare especially with my beautiful eyes, lips and face. My beautiful natural tanned skin colour that most people here find very attractive. They often call me princess Jasmine, Pocahontas and cleopatra. I guess you heard these famous beautiful woman, right? They actually have the same colour skin as me so people tend to see me as them too. How flattering! Mum feel so proud and flattered too. She can never wish for any daughter anymore but me. I am what my parents dream for. Daddy to the extent, always prayed before that he wish for a tanned baby.

Often, Daddy reminds me that when I grow up and become teenager he is pretty sure he'll betting loads of boys to keep them away from me. He say's with no doubt that I am going to be a stunner as a teenager and that he is worried that I will be driven into this dating stage at early age. I promised them (my parents) that I will only love no one but them, unconditionally (wink) . I thank GOD for a parents like them!


PrincessL said...

Hello PrincessK, it's funny to think that our fathers think the same, they'll be chasing away and beating lots of boys. People always say the same too, and my answer was almost the same as yours, that I would never get married ever, and that I would stay with my parents. Then they said very good Lisa, now remember that when you grow up, as they look at each other.

Mommy Lutchi said...

Thanks for visiting me Princess, you are very adorable girl and I wish you will be good always to your brother, mommy and daddy forever.