Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Me and my Friends

I missed my friends for just a week I didn't see them. We have this 2 weeks off holiday and I hope I will see them by next week at least. Their mum's are just busy working everyday and so is my Dad. That is why we could not plan a day trip at all. But our weather here is not at all that nice, if not raining, we have sleet snowfalls. It is very gloomy outside and my holidays are no good at all. Oh well, I get bored by staying in the house. Why can't we have sunshine even for a day so Mummy can take us to the park or anywhere where we can have fun outdoors.

The Mummies are actually planning to have a trip next week if the weather permits. Ohh this old boring England always raining everyday and to tell you it is indeed still very cold right now. I would love to see sunshine before going back to school. I hope Daddy is not so busy by next week too so we could have at least go the City and see the Museum. I am really looking forward this weekend because we might see the new sea life opening at Chesington World of Adventure. We will see how the weather goes.

Anyway, these are my friends and I during those good days we had like partying and playing with MR Sunshine was out.

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