Monday, 21 April 2008

New Mini make-up Set

The last time we went shopping I got these whole lot of make-up set for a little girl that is Barbie brand for 50% from its original price. The kit only consist of 3 cute stuff which are lip gloss, hair spray, and eye shadow. I love it and been using it a lot already. It is made for a little princess like me. Look my photo below, I am endorsing Barbie stuff, hehehe. Not to mention my shirt and my hot pants are from Barbie too.

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PrincessL said...

Hello little Barbie girl, how are you? I miss you a lot! Thanks for passing by my blog. I wanna take a break for now, I got too busy with so many playdates that I can't keep up with my schedule.

We was going to delete my blog, but we decided to keep it instead just in case we have time in the future.

I love Barbie stuff too, and definitely love to put make-up on with my friends and mommy. I guess princesses all over the world have so many things in common.

You look gorgeous as always, a perfect model for Barbie Stuff. I would definetly buy more products with you as Barbie endorser.

Keep up the good works and stay beautiful inside and out.