Thursday, 10 April 2008

Shopping Days with my Mum

This week Mummy only took me to shopping and bought me loads of stuff (clothing, hairclips, shoes, toys, barbie cosmetics) and a lot more. She said it is the only way we can go out and have fun because neither parks are dry enough for us to play. Anyway, I enjoyed our shopping days and we played a lil bit inside the mall with those few rides.

Today, it is raining again and all I do after malling was playing my Daddy's computer. I love it anyway, playing at Playhouse Disney, Nick Junior and a lot more kiddies program. Me and my little brother spend a lot more on playing computers. I really-really hope that on weekend we can all go out as a family and have adventures. If only Mummy knows how to drive we could have gone to many places even without Daddy. She don't drive, she don't like taking bus nor train and taxi is too way expensive either, lol. No choice left but to wait for our Daddy really.

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