Friday, 11 July 2008

Happy Princess

I am so happy these days for my I have my playmates anytime. One of mummy's friend just move in about a month ago just next door to us and her 6 yrs old daughter who happen to be in my school and become my best friend. We play together after school to either in her house or in our house. Mummy has been so good to us and even provide us with tea set to play with as well as biscuits and juice. But the sad thing is, we are moving on Saturday (July 19th) but not far about 15 minutes walk only. We had to because my Daddy wanted an office so he can work without hearing our constant noise especially with my so destructive little brother. The positive is, we will then have bigger house and own garden space where I can have all my toys that my parents have been promised to me 2 years ago. I'm excited!

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