Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My best Pal

This is my best pal and her name is Milligail. Her Mummy and my Mummy are also good friends. Now, we are neighbors they just move in nearly to my Daddy's old pad. If only we didn't move, we would just be a step away but unfortunately Daddy's old pad is getting too tight everyday as we are growing bigger and bigger. We apparently need garden to run around and a play room so we would not mess around the grown up's room and any other room in the house. I missed my best pal but still we see each other often as we are only 15 minutes away. She still come over to our house and we play and always have a great time. I will be seeing her again the next day while our Mummies will go girly shopping. It is good when you have a best of friend.

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