Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I read so Well

Today, I was reading so well in front of my teacher so, they moved me up to the turquoise colour of book that I take home every night to read. It just means that I am really improving a lot better this year. I help myself aside from my parents too. This will be my last year of being in infant school so, it just right to show my best for the staff to remember me before going to primary school. Leaving a good reputation and marks can always do good for the future. So, I am so happy and once again I made my parents proud for my reading rating today. That was a job well done! Hooray!


Utah Mommy said...

Wow good for you little princess. I must say that your parents are proud of having you as their beautiful daughter.

princesssita said...

wow good job Kath, I am also excited to go to school. My mom is teaching me with abc's, reading, numbers and all that stuff and I jsut can't wait to go to school like you:)Girl power!