Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pregnancy Clothes

My Mum when she expecting my little brother she gain too much weight and was really fat and bloated. Ooh, what should I expect she was pregnant. But my point is, she still managed to find a good sense of fashion during her pregnancy and still looks good all the time. She used to wear some Juicy Maternity Jeans that my Daddy bought her and some ,Trendy Maternity Clothes as well. She was lovin it but of course not as much as she love without big belly. Now she finally come over the pregnancy.

Moreover, my Auntie is pregnant and are asking my Mum if she could have all the maternity clothes. Mum said yes and now are sending it to her Balikbayan box but also bought some new one too. If only Mum knew, she could have buy her some Paige Maternity Jeans but now the box has been picked up for shipping so it's too late already but never mind next time Mum will surely buy one for herself and can pass it around whoever her sisters get pregnant.

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