Thursday, 23 October 2008

School Break

Today is my cut-off day that means I will not have school tomorrow and for the whole week next week. It's my half-term break and we won't be back until the 3rd of Nov (which is Monday). I am delighted to have a break from getting up early in the morning and walk 20 minutes to school, at least. We have no plan yet because I know Mummy and Daddy will be working still but hopefully they could both get a holiday for couple of days and we could do a family activities together before back to school. In the other hand, it's nearly my birthday and I will have few party here and there. I will have one on the 1st of Nov for Auntie Joanna then on my actual birthday (5th of Nov) I will have party with my friends and Mummy's friends then on the 9th with my classmates and later on that day with my family. We will then have bonfire and fireworks. It's going to be exciting and I am so looking forward to it. So, I hope you all have a very good weekend ahead.

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