Monday, 10 November 2008


Mum does enjoyed photography. She spent most of her time editing and manipulating her photos before she actually post it on her online albums or to her blogs. I think all her blog pictures are quite good. But before she post them she usually resided them first so, thats probably reduced the image quality. I wonder if there is any other ways to do it? Last night, she was talking of signing-up to acobox. She heard it from a good friend and thought why not give it a try? There are loads to benefit from it to both blogger and photographer. Plus, an easy copy and paste whenever you want to post pictures to any of her blogs too with even need to resised them nor downloading. So, she thinks it could be the best way posting her pictures online. What do you think? Have heard about acobox too? If you are like my Mummy who certainly loves photography and sharing them online then perhaps you can sign-up acobox or simply check them out first beforehand. I am really sure that when Mummy is off from work she'll be spending most of her time at acobox. For her her pictures are simply art entertainment. She loves them but of course she love us more. Anyway, visit Below is the samply of a picture that is hosted by acobox.

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