Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve Photoshoot!

It is nice to have a Mummy who love phothography because he can always take a good picture of us to be keep and treasured forever. My mum grew up without flash and that she regrets having not a single photograph of her as a baby. The only photograph she can remember and still keep is when she was 7 yrs old already. If she could go back the time, she would want a picture of her as a baby but I'm afraid that is very impossible. So, that is one of the reason she likes taking pictures of us day after day because she wanted to keep it for us to show to our kids or future grandkids the memories of our childhood life in which I think is a great idea.

Every Christmas are sure memorable and that we have always do our portrait year after year. Here's my Christmas Eve photos with my little brother.


my cuties

Best gifts always for mummy & daddy



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