Monday, 29 December 2008

Got more toys!

I've seen my cousins on Sunday and we sort of celebrated a late Christmas at Granny's House. We also got each others presents and I got my new Nientendo's game called "A Hamster". I got few other bits such as toys and dolls plus some clothes. I thought they were so generous for giving me loads.

Anyway, its tuesday here so basically I have 5 more days left of my school break and then back to school again. Daddy promised us another adventures this week so, I kinda looking forward to it. Got plenty of photos to share but hey has to wait for Mummy first. Anyway, I have discovered a new computer game and that was because of my Grandma who introduced it to me first. It's kinda a teddy bear game called webskins. But, Daddy has to clean up Mummy's old Laptop for me to use it otherwise I'll be a pain in the neck with Mummy on her new one, lol.

Anyway, I wish you all a happy new year! Thanks for peeking!

Just a photo to share here....already shared this one but not like this effect!

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Lily said...

Hi KK wishing you a happy new year!and more blessings!

take care always.