Thursday, 5 March 2009

Best Daddy in the whole wide World

Father & Daughter by Paul Simon

I love my Daddy so much and I appreciate all the things he did for us and for that I wanted to show off the whole wide world that he is the greatest Daddy. He has a song for me called "Father & Daughter by Paul Simon" and I always remember this song until I get old. It's a song to treasured and I am one proud daughter here to have a Daddy who is amazing, wonderful, loving, kind, generous and with great sense of humour. Anyway, this picture of us together was taken during our family Valentines dinner date.

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tx sweetie said...

very nice picture of you and your daddy Kk! You are one lucky Princess to have such a daddy like yours!

Agi rako ug namisita. Say hello to your beautiful mommy!