Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Last Week of March

27th of March 2009 (Friday Morning) - My dress caught a fire yesterday while stirring at Mummy's boiling pasta. Luckily, I was quick enough to notice it and run towards my parents for help. Mummy managed to killed the fire as quick as she could and Daddy put me to the running water straight away. Then brought me to the Emergency to see if anything damaged underneath the skin and fortunately it's only superficial. Here's a photo of my huge bandage. The burnt skin is not actually as big as the bandage, the doctor just wanted to make sure it is well covered so it won't hurt me.

PAD entry # 79

28th of March 2009 (Saturday afternoon) - I was able to go shopping with my parents and little brother and got so many new things such as clothes, shoes, and etc. Here's one I picked....

PAD entry # 80

29th of March 2009 (Sunday) - We didn't go anywhere this day instead we stayed at home chilling and watching movies.

30th of March 2009 (Monday) - Grocery shopping right after we picked up Mummy from work. She bought us this......

PAD entry #82

31st of March 2009 (Tuesday evening) - I did my homework about science like experimenting things with glass full of water and cardboard. Like this....

PAD entry #83

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