Tuesday, 14 April 2009

13th & 14th of April 2009

13th of April (Monday) - As usual Mummy's at work and it is Easter Monday so Daddy is officially holiday. He is our babysitter and he took us down to Charlwood to photo shoot Granny's house to put it in the market to sell. Here's a shot.........

PAD entry # 96

14th of April 2009 (Tuesday) - Me and my little brother stayed at home the whole afternoon. Still on school holiday but weather was not too great for outdoors. We just watch Television and played too. Mummy took a photo of us while watching our favourite programmed....

PAD entry # 97IMG_8392 IMG_8386

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful house!

We plan moving to england, but I'll doubt we're able to afford a beauty like that.

I hope it sells well.