Sunday, 12 April 2009

2nd Week of April

8th of April 2009 (Wednesday) - Same old, same old - schooling.

9th of April 2009 (Thursday) - I'm still on school holiday (half-term break) and unfortunately Daddy was in work but Mummy managed to take us out to the mall and had fun shopping. We also had a little rides and it was just those days that I wish it wouldn't end. Since Easter is fast approaching, Mummy decided to buy us our first Easter Chocolate Bunny.

PAD entry #92

10th of April 2009 (Thursday) - Again, I'm school holiday and all I did was patiently at the same time excited waiting for the Easter weekend. It's good Friday but Mummy still working but Daddy's at home and we went Easter shopping.

11th of April 2009 (Saturday) - We went and celebrate Easter Saturday with Granny and had our first Barbecue of the year as our Easter Lunch.

Bbq on Black Saturday

12th of April 2009 (Sunday) - Had a great Easter celebration with with Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie Boobie @ their place in Amberley. Went down to attend Church Family service too and then had our Egg hunting before lunch then went the park and had a little play before heading back home.

Here's some photos.........

IMG_8130IMG_8143 IMG_8148IMG_8161 Bbgirl, Daddy & Bbboy!IMG_8219

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