Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shall we talk 'bout today?

It's weekend and Saturday - so me and my family had lunch @ Mac Donald. Then after we headed straight to my Granny and Grandad place's to check if the crib is still alright for my soon little brother. He is coming and joining us in a weeks time. I'm excited and I can't wait. But we failed as we couldn't put it apart and take out all the canvas. We had to wash it and get it all clean but we didn't find the tool to make it happen so we gave up and shall see tomorrow.

Moving on, we went shopping as plan. At first we stopped by in Asian Store in Redhill for Mummy to get what she wants then went to the mall and got some treat for me and for everyone else. I'm so happy I got my new hair clips, gloves, soft toys (a turtle one named Tutu) and a nentiendo Game. My brother got his toy as usual a transformer and Daddy got work shirts as well as some blu-rays. Mummy got his Asian goodies and some DVD's as well as some clothes. It was a fun day out for us all and we thoroughly enjoyed each other company. We are family indeed and blessed with each other. I'm so thankful:)

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