Monday, 30 July 2012

Her Cupcake and Banana bread

Another cob web again before its finally have an update. Bare with me for I am super duper busy with things around me. Moving and unpacking and being a full time house maid with my family. Yes, I decided to finally update my big girl's blog. The last time I post in here is probably when she was still little and now, look at her? Isn't she looking all grown? Yes, she is and in the process of becoming a teenager. She's been doing well with her new school and attended a lot of sports activities. She's now in her school rounders team and so proud of her. Besides sports, she's also learning baking and here's couple evidences of her baking - she did it all by herself. Her own version of cupcakes and banana bread from scratch. And I tell you, it was all scrumptious!
Cupcakes made by my princess so proud of her x Baking banana bread on her own - it became one of her interest these days


Jerla Oh lalala said...

aawwww you have a baker? good girl man si ate KK

Kat Mint chocolate said...

Uu, mahilig mag bake hehe. Thanks Jerla:-)