Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A mother and Daughter chats

Oftentimes we chat privately in her bedroom or in mine about how things in her school, friends and such. Excited as she is, always telling me how she played with her new friends at school, games that I don't totally get at all. Well, we have different environment and upbringing so I have no idea what kind of games she is talking about. But this is just one of our mother and daughter talk. Sometimes she'd say what she would like to be when she's adult and how much she would like to help less fortunate people in Africa and all over the world. Oh, sounds she is going to be a good ambassadress in the near future, lol. Anyway, I explain to her that it is not as easy as she thought it would be but it is rather a good outlook in life. Everything is impossible and if this is a pursuit to her happiness then it's all supported by, in God's will. In that case, she definitely need to be speaking fluently in different languages or the easiest way is to get/hire a certified translator online or in person wherever she may be in the future. But I suggest she should go to the nearest official translations services she can find and make sure it is notarised or legalised to best suit her exact needs. Fast and efficient are always handy too. Oh well, as parents, we can only hope for her best.

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