Sunday, 12 August 2012

Intelligent little creature...

     It was last night when this little creature escaped from her cage again without us noticing. It's the drawback without Daddy around as he tend to be very good in detecting and hearing Fifi's (Hamster's name) tiny footsteps. My daughter found her at the shoe corner in our hallway all wet and muddy. No idea where she get all those mud but we all know what she was up to all night. She was munching potato's from my vegetable rack and thought we have rats in the house. According to my daughter, she is not an ordinary Hamster because she escaped from time to time even how careful we are when locking her cage. She maybe little but terribly smart. She's cute too. She is my daughter's pet and she is over a year old. Here's the photos I took after she found her last night. K is trying to dry her up and my 2 boys as always giving her some food, peanuts.

Cute fifi after scaped all night
See? She is trying to get away again. She's definitely hyper.
Feeding fifi
Oh, look at them feeding the littlest member of the family. Fifi seems loving the attention. That's what she was looking for:-)


Jerla Oh lalala said...

aawww ka cute ni fifi

Jessica said...

Jerry, our hamster is a trouble maker too :-( I do not how many times he escape :-( Tom likes the place by himself though :-) Fifi is a cutie

Kat Mint chocolate said...

Thanks, Mami Jerla,hehe. Yes, maybe all Hamster are trouble:)

Thanks for dropping by ladies!