Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Her curly thick AFRO hair monthly maintenance

My girl, as you can see or noticed she has this very thick curly hair that needed a special care. For years we tried and tried many different haircuts that will make it less thick but none of it works. After a minute of haircut, it will bulged out again. Like an Afro hair, all she need is a proper hair caring and treatment at least once a month. That is recommended by the local stylist here in our town. The last visit was 17th of August 2012 and I already book another appointment for earlier next month. It's definitely hard and expensive to keep a hair like her but what choice do we have but to take care of our only princessita. I suggest rebonding it will do the trick haha. Hubby said not yet as she still have delicate scalp to take all those strong chemicals use for hair rebonding. So, okay just trimming and treatment for her until she is old enough to undergo hair chemicals.
New haircut
This is her new do...looks pretty cool afterwards because it is still wet but as soon as it dry's out, it went back to normal, AFRO hair again, haha.
getting her haircut done 18/aug/2012
That's here in the end with her personal hair stylist. She is really good and very accommodating. For that, I always give her a tip. Good service always pays off! 

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