Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Always my little Sweetheart

at Grandma's & Grandpa's
It is very rare to see my big girl happily posing for mummy lately. Unlike those days when she was only little (toddler and a couple years after) when was actually inviting me to picture her while playing with her toys or picking flowers. Oh my, it might be a sign that she is hitting an early teenager stage? She is only 10 though (11 soon) and yet she is acting like one recently. Monosyllabic, grumpy and sensitive are her unattractive traits as of the moments. Annoying but I think I have to understand, maybe it's like menopause, she is adjusting hormones to puberty. Not sure how long I can take it but this should measure my patience of being a good mother. Unlikely she is going to change soon, as 'it will get worst before it gets better' as the saying goes. Oh well, so be it. I'll try to stretch my patience a little longer for the sake of my used to 'sweetheart'. This might be the moment I am not looking forward to, dealing teenagers, ugh! Spoke too soon! She is no longer mummy's sweet little girl, but a cranky one, haha. Shhhh, she is actually reading this as she keep checking her blog every now and then. As you can see in this photo, she looks like being force to pose, right? I beg her to at least smile for me and that's all she can manage, so tight, eh? I guess, I have to deal a pre-teens attitude. Scary, but I have no choice! Well, I might have exaggerated here a bit, she is still my sweet baby and always :)

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