Monday, 10 December 2012

Baking with her friend

Kath had her friend over for her birthday. She invited quite a few but only one made it because it falls through school holidays and everyone was away or just didn't want a slumber party. I could understand them as they don't really know us that well yet. Kath only been to that school less than a year and we haven't really mingles with each of their parents that much. So, it wasn't a big deal, we learned for next time. Apart from that, I think K and her friend did have the best of time, baking this most delicious cake I have ever tasted, fruit cake to be precise. Then after their cake baking we took them to watch Madagascar 'Europe most wanted' in 3D then had pizza afterwards. It was a great day and night with closed friends and Kath had the greatest time of her life. It was wonderful to see her having a blast with a friend and already planning for another baking session with her this coming school holidays. She couldn't wait, I tell you ;-)

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