Monday, 10 December 2012

Good Education leads to a brighter future...

If I will decide for my daughter's career I would love her to be a Doctor, a lawyer or a Pilot. I wanted her to really get a degree and if I could leave her with no option, I will. It is very important for me that my kids will have at least some qualifications. Both me and Daddy, got none and there is a big gap in the job market between University graduate and undergrad. High hopes, wide opportunities and brighter future to those people who got a degree. Well, maybe not all but majority. Therefore, education in our house is highly imposed! Just bare in mind how many international cruise line jobs available in the market today. But you can't just get it unless you have all the qualifications, right? That is why it is very important for us to prioritise our kids education more than anything in this world. As we said before we will live without as long as they can go to a nice school. All those blings, worldly goods and other materials can always wait.

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