Monday, 10 December 2012

Guitar Combo Amp

Fender Mustang is what I am currently looking at the moment. The name just came up all of a sudden and I wonder what could it mean. Then I learnt it is a guitar combo Amp. I just suddenly thought this could be a perfect gift for someone who wish for an amplifier this Christmas. But it is a little costly for me so I better save up then buy it maybe sometime next year. What do you think? And who knows this might go down in price a little bit more then I could easily afford it. Ah, that someone is very close to my heart and that he wish nothing else but a guitar amplifier all his life. I think all these years he deserved to have it. Sooner or later, I will buy it. My daughter would probably want one in the near future. So, I think its great that I investigating this matter so comes the time that she'll demand for it, I'll know what to get.

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