Monday, 10 December 2012

Miss the chance...

Comet is now officially shut! Yesterday was their last day of sale and we popped in as plan but to our dismay nothing much left on the racks. The stocks were all gone probably sold out or most likely they send it back to the manufacturer. Saw few goodies but wasn't worth buying as we have some already. Would have love to buy that flat panel tv stands for sale the weekend before but left it too long to decide. Now, our chance of buying one is totally vague unless there will be another big closing down sale going on after Christmas, haha. Wish, wish, wish! Oh well, definitely there will be boxing day sale and mind you, the big January sale is also coming up so gotta wait for that time before splurging out impulsively. Well, this TV stand we are planning to get is for the kids playroom but now it can wait, not that important really.

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